If you are in search of some good news, watch CJ Pearson refuse to live on the Democrat plantation. This young man is a true patriot.

Back in September 2020, Young conservative and Trump supporter, C. J. Pearson, shared on Twitter a portion of a class he was mandated to endure at the University of Alabama.

Here’s one clip, with her most mild commentary of the night.

How such a one-sided presentation could be sponsored by a public university baffles me. pic.twitter.com/yptePzHMfI

— CJ Pearson (@thecjpearson) September 24, 2020

This weekend CJ got to confront horrible racist Jane Elliott in person.

Racist Jane Elliott tried to order young CJ on MSNBC. He wasn’t having it.

C.J. Pearson: “What is it with you and these commands? Do you think you get to tell black people what to do? Is that how you operate your daily life?”

This was epic!
C.J. was on fire!

18 year-old @thecjpearson took exception and swung back when an anti-Trump panelist told him to ‘think for himself.’

CJ joins @bennyjohnson on @TheBennyReport to discuss. pic.twitter.com/ovfyZ32tHg

— Newsmax (@newsmax) August 29, 2021

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