After scrubbing Israel’s Iron Dome from the House Budget Bill, the House voted today to pay for the defense system in a separate bill.

On September 22, 2021, Bruce Ticker wrote in Arutz 7:

The so-called “progressives” in Congress led Democrats to commit an act of war against the Jewish people on Tuesday when the House leadership slashed $1 billion incorporated into the spending legislation for Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system in an emergency spending package.

This led to outrage against the Democrats and so today a vote was called to fund Iron Dome:

Final count on Iron Dome: 420 yes, 9 no, 2 present.
No’s: Tlaib, Carson, Omar, Massie, Newman, Pressley, Garcia, Grijalva, Bush
Present: Hank Johnson and Ocasio-Cortez

— Marc Rod (@marcrod97) September 23, 2021

Democrat Rep. Rashida Talib spoke today about Israel.

Tlaib accused Israel of “war crimes, human rights abuses and violence” and a “violent apartheid system.” Tlaib has been accused of anti-Semitic behavior since being in Congress in January 2019.

The vote was an emotional one for friends of Talib like AOC who first voted ‘no’ then changed her vote to ‘present’ at the last minute while in tears.

Ocasio-Cortez, who changed her vote from no to present on Iron Dome at the last minute appears visibly upset. Appears to be crying on the House floor, in a hug with Rep. Jayapal

— Marc Rod (@marcrod97) September 23, 2021

Here is a video of AOC reportedly in tears.

AOC appears to be crying on the House floor after she voted ‘present’ for funding to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome Defense Systems

— VINnews (@VINNews) September 23, 2021

AOC and her friends who voted against this are fortunately for Israel not getting their way this time.

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