Maricopa County relegated numerous election activities to its ballot printer Runbeck and then allowed them to trickle in thousands of ballots after election day, never providing exact counts of ballots received by Election Day.

We’ve already reported how the United States Postal Service (USPS) is heavily involved in the election process.

Why Has the US Election Process Been Ceded to the USPS Despite It Being Unionized and 92% of Its Donations Going to Democrats?

In Arizona, the USPS distributes and receives ballots across the state.  In addition, there are massive voter registration drives before every election by organizations trying to stuff the registration systems. In Maricopa, the VRAS (Voter Registration Access System) stops accepting registrations on October 5th. Maricopa’s ballot printing vendor is Runbeck Election Services headquartered in Phoenix. The “QUALVOTER” list is pulled from VRAS and provided to Runbeck. They must begin mailing early ballots on October 7th, by law. However, the liberal organization Mi Familia waited until days before this deadline to file a lawsuit. They partnered with UnidosUS (LaRaza) and the Lincoln Project. The court changed this Oct. 5th deadline to the 23rd. A week later the date was changed to the 15th during an appeal by AG Mark Brnovich. Over 43,000 voter registrations were added during this extra 10 days of registration chaos.

Reviewing voter rolls from Dec-Feb show 860 residential locations had 10 or more registered voters, some with over 20. In fact, there were thousands of addresses with between 5 and 9 registered voters. The goal of nefarious actors would be to stuff VRAS with as many names and addresses as possible and ensure they make it on the QUALVOTER list sent to Runbeck. The “Deputy Registrar” initiative by County Recorder Adrian Fontes gave 638 volunteers from left-leaning groups, access to VRAS allowing them to process registration forms.

Like most ballot print shops, Runbeck delivers the sealed ballots directly to a USPS P&DC for distribution. In Phoenix this is a massive 400,000 sq. ft. facility with 56 letter sorting machines.

The Arizona USPS P&DC forwards those ballots out to the 74 U.S. Post Offices located around Maricopa County. Each local PO sorts the ballots by carrier routes and puts them in sequence for the line of travel (LOT). Ballots are then loaded into the vehicles used by the mail carriers (mailmen). These carriers typically have 350-700 locations on their daily routes. This includes apartments, centralized mailboxes, businesses, etc. A typical city ZIP code like those in Phoenix could require 15-30 carrier routes (mailmen) and have 15-25,000 total locations. The Tucson P&DC will soon be consolidated (closed). After that, every inbound and outbound ballot in Arizona will be processed at the Phoenix P&DC.

In 2020 there were 5,330 USPS mail carriers employed in Arizona. They deliver mail by “fleet or feet”. These are not the clerks, machine operators, or sorters. Maricopa County has 62% of Arizona’s population. This means roughly 3,300 USPS mail carriers were in possession of the 2,364,426 ballots sent to voters over the 24 election mail days in Arizona for 2020. Any completed ballots collected during their routes are sent back to the Phoenix P&DC. Maricopa election officials then pick up the completed mail-in ballots at this P&DC. A similar ballot delivery process to the above takes place all across America. But in Maricopa, when ballots are picked up at the Phoenix P&DC by election officials, they are not taken to the county tabulation center.

Runbeck is the first to receive completed mail-in ballots in Maricopa from the USPS. They store them in their Phoenix headquarters while scanning the outside signature area of the envelopes. This area also includes an optional date and phone number section. Runbeck provides these digital images to MCTEC (tabulation) poll workers who compare signatures to those on file. Those that do not match are separated from other ballots and Runbeck delivers both sets to MCTEC.

Next, the ballots are forwarded to poll workers who open the envelopes, remove ballots, and start the ballot tabulation process. None of the chain of custody documentation for ballots picked up at the P&DC or Runbeck were provided to Senate auditors. In fact, Recorder Adrian Fontes reduced absentee ballot scrutiny specifically for the 2020 election (see image below).

In the image below you can see that the inspection boxes were reduced from 3 to 2 in the lead up to the election.  Again, no documentation validating the move of ballots between entities was provided to the auditors of the County’s election process.

We’ve reported on concerns with Runbeck previously.  For one, the entity is connected to the Democrat party.

EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Firm that Allegedly Sent Fake Ballots to Georgia, Runbeck Election Services, Is Closely Tied to Democrat Party

We’ve also reported on issues with ballots that appear to be tied to the printing companies.  In Arizona, this would be Runbeck.

EXCLUSIVE: The Printing Companies that Supplied Ballots in the 2020 Election May Be As Guilty as Voting Machine Companies in Potentially Altering the 2020 Election Results

Maricopa never provided exact totals of uncounted ballots after November 3rd. On election night almost every County knew exactly how many ballots they had left to count. Maricopa would only provide a range, like the below (400K-430K ballots left). This went on for days after the election, always just ranges.

In fact, poll workers testified that MCTEC supervisors thought they were done counting several times. Then a Runbeck van would show up. If they never publish an exact total, new ballots can be injected as needed.


STUNNING TESTIMONY: AZ Elections Witness Testifies that Private Company Was Scanning Ballots Offsite, NOT Election Workers, Then Delivering Them to Counting Center


Finally, when the Arizona Senate finally started their audit of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County, mail in ballots were in their audit scope and the images of all ballot envelopes were requested by the auditors.  On April 27, 2021 Maricopa’s Supervisors stated these digital images of signatures had been delivered to Senate auditors. They resisted for months while making disparaging comments about the auditors. Maricopa finally delivered these images on August 19th, without any apology.  We have no idea what was being done to these ballot envelopes and images during these months when the County claimed wrongly that these images had been provided to the Senate auditors.

Why does the county outsource ballot envelope imaging to Runbeck once received?  Runbeck also performs the signature verification.  Shouldn’t these activities be done by a separate entity? 

Why did Runbeck never provide exact numbers of ballots received by Election Day and why didn’t they provide for days?

Also, there is no chain of custody documentation provided to the Senate auditors related to this process which, if lacking, is likely against the law. 

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