If you want to teach aspiring lawyers to recognize an incompetent prosecutor, just cue up the video of the Kyle Ritttenhouse trial and watch the clown show put on by Thomas Binger. Binger’s latest gaffe may force a mistrial if the jury does not find Kyle innocent of all charges. What did the dunce Thomas do? Withheld evidence from the defense.

According to the Daily Mail:

Prosecutors in Kenosha shooter trial WITHHELD high-definition video evidence from the defense that was ‘at the center of their case’ and initially shared a lower quality version of drone footage from the night of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting.

This is grounds for declaring a mistrial. So, why has the judge not shut it down? He is giving the jury a chance to do the right thing based on the evidence presented. The prosecution failed to present any evidence to support their claim that Kyle was an active shooter, a murderer on a rampage intent on killing innocent protesters.

But this is not the only grounds for declaring a mistrial. Before he pointed Kyle’s AR-15 at the jurors with his finger on the trigger (thank God the rifle was unloaded), Binger had already metaphorically shot his legs off. Remember? He challenged Kyle for embracing his constitutional right to remain silent until he had the chance to confront his accusers in a court of law.

Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder felt compelled to publicly chastise Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger on multiple occasions for violating the court’s rulings on inadmissible evidence, as well as for what the judge called the “grave constitutional violation” of casting suspicion on Rittenhouse’s right to remain silent.

Binger’s failure to uphold the constitution was matched by the dearth of evidence he presented to the jury.  If you have been reading Gateway Pundit you are up to date on the prosecutorial bungles:

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Tough Day for Prosecutors of Kyle Rittenhouse

Binger put witnesses on the stand that rebutted his own case. The biggest blow-up came courtesy of Gaige Grosskreutz, who admitted he was carrying illegally a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at Kyle Rittenhouse (read here).

I want to believe that Thomas Binger really is this dumb and this incompetent. But the number of egregious errors makes me wonder if this is not a deliberate effort to tank the case in order to have the judge intervene and prevent Binger from being blamed for failing to convict an 18-year-old kid who was just trying to help protect his community because the police failed to do their job. We will know soon.

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