Meanwhile in Beijing…

Sjoerd den Daas, a correspondent for Dutch public outlet NOS, was physically removed by Chinese authorities during a live broadcast from the Beijing Olympics on Friday.

“Our correspondent @sjoerddendaas was pulled away from the camera by security guards at 12:00 pm live in the NOS Journaal. Unfortunately, this is increasingly becoming a daily reality for journalists in China. He is fine and was able to finish his story a few minutes later,” NOS tweeted.


Onze correspondent @sjoerddendaas werd om 12.00u live in het NOS Journaal door beveiligers voor de camera weggetrokken. Helaas is dit steeds vaker de dagelijkse realiteit voor journalisten in China. Hij is in orde en kon zijn verhaal gelukkig een paar minuten later afmaken

— NOS (@NOS) February 4, 2022

Some speculated NOS may not have shown their official permit on that square to be allowed to film there.

Instead of just asking the film crew to show their permit, Chinese officials flex their power and physically assaulted the reporter.

China should never be allowed to host an Olympic event ever again.

The CCP has already been caught spying on athletes’ and journalists’ phones at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

After reverse engineering all of the #Beijing2022 #spyware app for @Apple #ios and @Google #Android
I can definitively say all Olympian audio is being collected, analyzed and saved on Chinese servers using tech from USA blacklisted AI firm @iflytek1999

— Jonathan Scott (@jonathandata1) January 26, 2022

China also brought back Covid anal swab testing two weeks before the Olympics.

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