Joe Biden on Monday delivered remarks on gun violence from the Rose Garden.

Biden announced a new rule to regulate ‘ghost guns’ and nominated Steve Dettelbach to be ATF director.

“Today, the United States Department of Justice is making it illegal for a business to manufacture one of these kits without a serial number. Illegal. Illegal for a licensed gun dealer to sell them without a background check,” said Biden.

Biden called for gun control and demanded universal background checks.

“We need Congress to pass universal background checks, and I know it’s controversial but I got it done once — ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden said.

Biden picked up a ‘ghost gun’ to showcase how easy it is to assemble a “Buy-Build-Shoot” pistol kit.

“It’s not hard to put together with a little hand drill at home. It doesn’t take very long. Anyone can order it in the mail — Anyone,” said Biden.

“A felon, a terrorist and a domestic abuser go from one gun kit to a gun in less than 30 minutes,” he added.

“If you buy a couch you have to assemble, it’s still a couch. If you order a package like this one over here that includes that parts that you need and directs the assembly of a functioning firearm, you bought a gun,” he said.

Terrorists and criminals can easily buy fully assembled firearms as well, so there’s that.

Biden looked so uncomfortable holding the gun parts.


The Alec Baldwin school of gun safety:

The Alec Baldwin school of Gun Safety, ladies and gentlemen…

— Danny De Urbina (@dannydeurbina) April 11, 2022

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