Police arrested Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’, age 22, yesterday as the shooter who killed six and injured many more at the 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois.  Today we’ve uncovered information indicating that Crimo is a radical progressive with ties to Antifa, progressives, and the occult. 

Looking over information that can be gathered to date, the Highland Park 4th of July parade shooter, Bobby Crimo, has a very dark background.   We reported on the shooter yesterday when he was confirmed as a person of interest.

BREAKING: Police Name Person of Interest in Highland Park Parade Shooting: Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III – Social Media Video Shows School Shooter Fantasy

Now we have information tying Crimo to progressives, socialists, Antifa and the occult.  Crimo’s social network and lifestyle are all progressively related.

Crimo has ties to the Democratic Socialists of America as noted by the tattoo on his neck.  This is the largest and fastest-growing socialist organization in the US.

Crimo also has ties to Antifa.  In one picture on social media, he shares his dark Antifa outfit.

Throughout his social media posts he shares Antifa and progressive symbology.

It appears that Crimo is not a Trump supporter.  He makes fun of Trump and his followers in his social media posts.  His attending a Trump event dressed up as ‘Where’s Waldo’ appears to be sarcasm and an attack of President 45 who may also be President 47.  His social media posts appear as if he wants to kill President 47.

Crimo’s work is also very dark.  He uses an icon throughout his social media.  This icon comes from ‘mystic set with magic circles, pentagrams and imaginary chakras symbols.  Collection of icons with witchcraft and occult handwriting letters.’  He shares the icon throughout his media posts.

Below is the overall profile on Bobby (Robert) Crimo.

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