Infowars founder Alex Jones on Friday filed for personal bankruptcy protection in a Texas court after the Sandy Hook verdict.

A Connecticut judge last month ordered Alex Jones to pay an additional $473 million to Sandy Hook families, Reuters reported.

This is in addition to the $1 billion Alex Jones was ordered to pay.

In September Sandy Hook families sought $2.75 trillion in damages – in addition to the $1 billion.

CNN reported:

In the documents, Jones estimates his assets to be worth between $1 to 10 million, and his liabilities to be between $1 to $10 billion. The Infowars host’s primary company, Free Speech Systems, also filed for bankruptcy protection in July.

Jones’ personal filing comes after he lost a bid in Texas to reduce the nearly $50 million damages award handed down by a jury earlier this year over his false claims about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

After the 2012 mass shooting, in which 26 people were killed, Jones baselessly repeated that the incident was staged and that the families and first responders were “crisis actors.”

A Connecticut attorney representing the families of Sandy Hook victims told CNN that Jones’ personal bankruptcy filing “will not work.”

Last month a state judge overseeing the Sandy Hook case froze Alex Jones’ assets.

Alex Jones is only allowed to spend money on ‘ordinary living expenses’ according to the judge’s order.

“With the exception of ordinary living expenses, the defendant Alex Jones is not to transfer, encumber, dispose, or move his assets out of the United States, until further order of the court,” Judge Barbara Bellis said in the one-page order.

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