The US House is expected to vote on a new Speaker today.  The vote will take place at around 2pm.

FOX News shared:

The 118th Congress convenes for the first time on Tuesday at noon.

“Opening day” in Congress is always full of pageantry. Lawmakers pour into the Capitol with their families from all over the country. Toddlers and kids run up and down the aisles. Freshmen bring everyone to Capitol Hill. They pack their offices with constituents, supporters and families, serving punch and local delicacies from back home.

It’s a lot like the first day of school.

And this year will likely be like any other opening day in the House of Representatives – until about 2 p.m.

That’s usually when the House votes on a speaker. The new speaker in turn swears-in the entire body, and we’re off to the races.

And for the first time in a century, things might not go down like that on Tuesday. It’s far from certain that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., will become speaker. And, what’s even more cryptic is how long it may take the House to elect McCarthy as speaker or someone else.

As of last night McCarthy did not have the 218 votes required to win Speaker.

Rep. Matt Gaetz has argued against McCarthy.

Matt Gaetz: Americans Want an Honest and Hard-Working Speaker of the House – Not Kevin McCarthy

It could get interesting today starting at 2pm.

You can watch the proceedings live here at the US House website: Watch Live House Proceedings |

CSPAN will also be covering it here: Congressional Chronicle – Members of Congress, Hearings and More |

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