Joe Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer continue to back Biden’s appointee Phillip Washington for Head of the FAA despite his lack of experience and being named in warrants involving criminal activities while he was head of the LA Metro. 

The FAA is a mess and in dire need of a competent leader to help the federal agency turn around its bad name and fix its many problems.

Tucker Carlson recently reported that there were signs of sinister links to wrongdoing that recently shut down the country’s air traffic for a couple of hours on an early January morning causing thousands of flights to be delayed.

WOAH: Tucker Points To “Signs” Sinister Forces Were Behind Last Week’s FAA Nationwide Ground Stop (VIDEO)

This and delays over the holidays are real concerns.  A lack of pilots due to airline vaccine mandates is also a problem.  The entire agency needs an overhaul.

This is why it is so bizarre that Biden and Chuck Schumer would continue to support Phillip Washington to lead the agency.

Washington had no aviation experience until recently when he left the LA Metro and moved to Colorado to oversee the Denver International Airport.

But the more serious issue with Washington is that he was recently included in warrants looking into crimes at the LA Metro when he was there.

Cece Woods at the Current Report has been all over this story.  She reports:

Washington made national headlines when he was named in criminal warrants executed on September 14th, 2022. At press time, Washington is still under criminal investigation by the California Department of Justice. If confirmed as FAA Administrator, it is possible that Washington could be indicted and extradited back to California to face criminal charges.

In addition to Washington’s criminal troubles, it has become of significant concern that Biden’s Nominee lacks the experience to run the FAA, given the current state of the agency, with leadership in limbo since March, 2022.

The 2022 winter holiday travel chaos caused by winter storms and the unprecedented last minute cancellation of all flights by Southwest Airlines left thousands of stranded and disgruntled passengers. One airport specifically, Denver International, run by the hand-picked Biden FAA nominee, bore the brunt of it.

With all of Biden’s problems with stealing classified documents from the government Schumer may have to review his position in backing Washington who clearly has issues as well.

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