Emily Kohrs and a spell she posted on her Pinterest page.

President Trump is expected to be arrested for a misdemeanor on Tuesday at his home in Mar-a-Lago by Soros-funded DC Alvin Bragg for an alleged criminal act involving Stormy Daniels that took place back in 2016. The case was tossed from several courts and Stormy was ordered by a previous court to pay Donald Trump’s $300,000 court fees. But here we are.

This is the first time Democrats have attempted to arrest a Republican president. A noted Democrat killed Republican Abraham Lincoln. But the party of Jim Crow has never attempted to arrest a Republican president.

This is what President Trump will face if Democrats have their way and they are able to prosecute President Trump in his beloved New York City – a city he loved and made great.

Here is the lunatic who led the Georgia grand jury investigation into President Trump and the perfectly normal phone call he made to Georgia officials after the controversial 2020 election in Georgia.

Grand Jury Forperson Emily Kohrs: “Personally… I wanted to hear from the former president. But honestly, I kind of wanted to subpoena the former president, because I got to swear everybody in. And so I thought it’d be really cool to get 60 seconds with President Trump of me looking at him and being like, do you solemnly swear? And me getting to swear him in, I just, I kind of thought that would be an awesome moment.”

What a clown show. She acts like she’s 14.

She went on MSNBC after the trial. Her name is Emily Kohrs. And she’s interested in witchcraft.

Via Daniel Bostic.

This is real.

It isn’t a parody.

This is the lead juror from the Trump GA grand jury. pic.twitter.com/PN2qiJLeuQ

— Daniel Bostic (@debostic) February 22, 2023

How was she picked as lead juror? What were the rest like?

Our jury system is the greatest fail safe against malicious prosecution in our country.

Media tours flaunting bias like this do a great disservice to anyone else who spent weeks of their time serving on the jury and they hurt the case’s credibility.

It feeds people’s worst… https://t.co/69ncUgSzxX

— Daniel Bostic (@debostic) February 22, 2023

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