Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is planning to return to the Senate “the week of April 17”, according to a report by Politico published Wednesday afternoon. The report was later conformed by Fetterman spokesman Joe Calvello. That would mark over two months since he was last in the Senate.

Fetterman has been held incommunicado in the psych ward at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland since February 15 when he was admitted for “severe clinical depression.” Fetterman reportedly was not able to feed or hydrate himself properly and had become a danger to himself. Fetterman, who suffered a near fatal stroke last May that left him brain-damaged, had previously been hospitalized for “lightheadedness” the week before he went to Walter Reed.

No videos of Fetterman have been released since he was hospitalized. Only a handful of staged photographs have been released of Fetterman meeting with his wife and kids and his chief of staff.

Excerpt from Politico report: “Sen. John Fetterman plans to return to the Senate the week of April 17 after more than a month of inpatient treatment for depression, according to two people with direct knowledge of his plan.”

Other reports with the “week of April 17” return followed:

NEW via @alivitali: Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) will return for the next work period, the week of April 17th, his spokesman Joe Calvello tells NBC News.

— Lauren Peikoff (@laurenpeikoff) March 29, 2023

Confirmed per a person familiar with the situation. @NewsNation Fetterman back in the Senate week of April 17.

— Kellie Meyer (@KellieMeyerNews) March 29, 2023

Fetterman’s projected return is timed for the end of a two-week Senate break for Easter and Passover on Monday, April 14. It was not stated whether he will be discharged before then and spend time at home with his family in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Last October, Fetterman’s campaign donor Doctor Clifford Chen released a letter stating Fetterman could function in public office. He didn’t even make it two months in the Senate before flaming out.

Before and after photos show the rapid deterioration of Fetterman:

John Fetterman side by side. January 3 photo by Jon Cherry/Reuters. March 6 by Fetterman Senate staff.

— Kristinn Taylor (@KristinnFR) March 6, 2023

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