Arkansas Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ruled to shield Hunter Biden’s financial records from the public in his ongoing child support court battle.

Judge Meyer was appointed by former Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Judge Meyer ultimately ruled all information Hunter submits to the court in an effort to lower his child support payments will be shielded from the general public.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Hunter Biden is attempting to lower his monthly child support to Lunden Roberts, the mother of his estranged daughter.

The Judge’s ruling is a big win for Hunter and his Manhattan art dealers who have fought hard to keep buyer’s names from being released to the public.

Judge shields Hunter Biden’s finances from public in child-support case

— New York Post (@nypost) April 1, 2023

Per The New York Post:

Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ruled Monday that all of the information the first son submits to the court related to his request to lower child-support payments, including financial records, will remain under seal.

Only attorneys on the case or expert witnesses retained to testify will be allowed access to the financial records, Meyer ruled.

Both Biden and his Manhattan art dealer, Georges Berges, have refused to provide any information about the buyers.

Lunden Roberts and Hunter first met at a DC strip club and would soon after have a child together.

After Lunden gave birth, Hunter disappeared from Lunden and his daughter’s life.

Lunden has gone on record saying Hunter Biden has never had any contact with their daughter and wouldn’t even be able to identify her out of a photo line-up.

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