Pope Francis, 86, was reportedly taken to a hospital for “some previously scheduled checks” on Wednesday.

The Pope was kept in the hospital in Rome until Saturday.

According to Italian media, the Pope was reportedly suffering from a respiratory issue and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Pope Francis was discharged from the hospital on Saturday.

“Still alive!” the Pope said to a CNN Vatican Correspondent on Saturday.


Pope Francis stops on way out of Gemelli hospital to thank journalists for their work.

I ask him how he’s feeling, “Still alive!” he says. pic.twitter.com/M3x8XShBNM

— Delia Gallagher (@deliacnn) April 1, 2023

Pope Francis on Saturday also comforted and prayed with a couple who just lost their daughter.


Pope Francis, leaving Gemelli hospital, comforts & prays with a couple who just lost their daughter, Angelica, last night. pic.twitter.com/QzNcNj2UdT

— Delia Gallagher (@deliacnn) April 1, 2023

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