Joe Biden – Faithful Poodle

Look how Joe Biden runs over to check on Xi Jinping during the APEC Summit in San Francisco. Was he expecting a treat?

This man continues to embarrass the country on a daily basis – while he continues to destroy America on a daily basis.

And the fact that they are running this lost and confused man again shows you they have zero concerns about losing the election next year! The fix is in.

Joe Biden and his crime syndicate have received approximately $17 million in payments from China, Romania, and several other countries.

BIDEN CRIME FAMILY CAUGHT! – IRS Whistleblower – Gay, Democrat, Joseph Ziegler – Confirms that Biden Family Received Approximately $17 Million in Payments from China, Romania and Other Countries (VIDEO)

The Bidens made millions swindling America.

BREAKING: Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America


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