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January 6 defendant Victoria White was sentenced on Monday to ten days of incarceration and three months of house arrest after she was nearly killed by capitol police and pled guilty to civil disorder charges for attending the January 6 protest against the stolen 2020 election.

During the approximately one-hour-long sentencing hearing, White was also ordered to pay $2,000 to the Architect of the Capitol in “restitution” and a special assessment fee of $100.

White was also ordered to pay $2000 in restitution to the Architect of the Capitol for being at the protest and witnessing others causing damage…

where are her damages for pain, suffering, and physical trauma?

— Jordan Conradson (@ConradsonJordan) November 20, 2023

Victoria White from Rochester, Minnesota, attended the Stop the Steal rally in Washington, DC, on January 6. Like many Americans that day, it was the first time she ever visited Washington, DC. She was excited to attend the rally and stand with President Trump at the Ellipse.

Victoria White with Rep. Byron Donalds in Washington DC

After the protest turned unexpectedly into a mob of feds and Trump supporters, White was brutally smashed in the face dozens of times by Police Officer Jason Bagshaw. She was also beaten and smashed over the head with sticks before she was dragged across the floor, and dozens of police officers paraded her through the US Capitol. She lost her shoes and her coat.

In addition to brutal whoopings like this dished out by police, four Trump supporters were killed on January 6.

The sham January 6 Committee did not even investigate the beatings or deaths of these Trump supporters in their politicized investigation. The four Trump supporters were barely mentioned in passing in their final report.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Victoria’s tragic story and the DOJ’s hope that she would be imprisoned for at least three months. Watch what these animals did to Victoria!

In Riveting Interview: J-6 Victim Victoria White Describes Unbelievable Bare-Fisted Beating by DC Police on Jan 6th and the Nightmare that Followed — MUST SEE VIDEO

If Victoria White and others were liberal Black Lives Matter rioters or persons of color in nearly any other circumstance, the leftwing fake news media would have a hay day with nonstop coverage of the horrific deaths and near-death experiences. They would then incite further violence and face no consequences from the DOJ. They have done this countless times under the guise of free speech and journalism.

But when Trump supporters protest a stolen election, they’re labeled terrorists and oftentimes prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thankfully, Victoria got lucky when considering what the persecutors were asking for.

Biased Judge John D. Bates showed contempt and disdain for White and her situation, interrupting the prosecutor with a chuckle, and stating that the court is familiar with Victoria’s actions from video footage. He then corrected the prosecution when it was stated that Victoria stopped people from breaking “windows,” emphasizing “one window.” At one point, he interrupted the Defense’s argument that Victoria got “swept up” in the crowd to make a point that she had intentions of entering the Capitol regardless of the crowd. He later quipped back at the Defense, “She brought some of that on herself” when they referenced the public ridicule and leftwing media scrutiny that she now faces after Capitol Police attacked her.

However, he was somewhat fair on the sentence, and he took into consideration her two teen children at home, one of whom has serious health complications, and her gainful employment status. Upon ordering Victoria’s sentence, the liberal-sounding judge labeled the January 6 protest an “assault on principles and democratic institutions” and scrutinized White for taking “pride in being a part of that riot” through her public comments. “I’m not expressing concern over one’s First Amendment Right,” he claimed while chastizing her for using her First Amendment.

The charges carried a recommendation of zero to six months, and the prosecutors asked for four months imprisonment with three years of supervised release.

Because she pled guilty to a felony charge, Victoria has been stripped of her right to possess a firearm and other rights, including the right to vote. Not that she had one in the last Presidential Election, anyway. The prosecution treated her like a second-class citizen, arguing that the situation in the Lower West Tunnel of the Capitol was “brutal” but not for her — for the police. They also argued that none of the real facts — including her lack of participation in violence, efforts to stop others from damaging the Capitol, and not entering the Capitol until she was arrested and beaten mercilessly by police — should be mitigating factors in her sentencing.

Instead, because she was angry at Mike Pence and “willing to get arrested,” as prosecutors claim, and they felt her “mentality” needed to be punished, the DOJ asked for heavier sentencing.  The prosecution claimed they continue to worry “because of her statements” made in interviews or on social media. She observed people pushing officers or causing damage, so the prosecutor argued that she “imped[ed] police in such a way that she needed to be arrested.”

“I have not seen evidence that she is remorseful,” the prosecutor stated before claiming Victoria sees herself as a “hero.”

Victoria shared a few words with the court after the Defense and Prosecution gave their arguments and took “full responsibility” while fighting back tears, hardly able to speak. “I have faced ongoing trauma as a result of the injuries received in the tunnel,” she stated while expressing that she is “working to turn her life around.” She also begged the Judge for Mercy before she was sentenced.

God bless Victoria White.

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