Alleged FBI Censorship Mastermind Special Agent Elvis Chan

The House Judiciary Committee announced this week that they are suing FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan for defying a congressional subpoena.

House investigators want to question Elvis Chan on his role related to the federal government’s alleged collusion with social media companies to censor speech.

According to the committee, Elvis Chan served “as the primary liaison” between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force and social media companies.

The committee first subpoenaed Chan in September 2023 after he refused to appear before the committee voluntarily.

Gateway Pundit readers may remember that FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan was also subpoenaed in the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit against the Biden Administration.

Special Agent Elvish Chan became famous because in communications with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, Meta (Facebook) identified Chan as the FBI agent who effectively requested/demanded that Facebook censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

You may recall the Mark Zuckerberg bombshell in which he admitted that the Federal Government strong-armed him into censoring all speech about the news story.

Mark Zuckerberg Tells Joe Rogan Facebook Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story For 7 Days on Request From FBI (VIDEO)

The DOJ, on behalf of Biden, later tried to strong-arm Meta (Facebook) into retracting its statements identifying Chan as the source trying to coerce Meta into censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Thankfully, the Louisiana Federal Judge saw through this nonsense, and denied the DOJ’s request to shut down “Special” Agent Chan’s deposition.

In his Order denying the Biden Administration in November 2022, the federal judge noted that even if Chan had not been the one to coerce Meta regarding the Hunter Biden Laptop, because he’s the assistant special agent in charge for the office whose territory includes Silicon Valley, odds were that he knew something relevant to the lawsuit.

Chan later sat for a deposition with the Missouri-Louisiana investigators.

Now the DOJ is back protecting Chan from testifying on his role in shutting down free speech in America.  This is your government at work.

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