Trump attorney Christina Bobb weighed in on the latest lawlessness by New York Attorney General Letitia James and her cohort in crime, Judge Arthur Engoron.

The duo is demanding President Trump turn over $355 million in cash immediately in their incredibly lawless suit against him.

Christina Bobb joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax to discuss this affront to justice.

The lawless left in New York state now believe they have the right to strip a man of his wealth and assets before he can appeal a ruling in a court of law.

Eric Bolling started the segment pointing out the Democrat Party’s burning and pillaging of the US justice system.

Eric Bolling: They’re going way over the line. They’re going past what American people expect. Fair play, bottom line. And this is nothing like that.

Christina Bobb:  You’re exactly right. And the idea that they’re basically cutting off the appeals process and the fact that they’re trying to jam this judgment down his throat without his ability to use all of his constitutional rights of the judicial process, which includes the appellate process, to me, indicates that they know they’re wrong. They know they’re in the wrong, and that’s why they don’t want to allow the court of appeals to weigh in before they harm him more. And so they’re trying to cut off that process and just create more headlines and create more drama and create more turmoil for the president, knowing that they’re likely to get overturned. It’s shocking. I mean, I don’t know how many times we can use the word unprecedented, shocking, crazy before it sounds trite, but every next step that they take is shockingly worse than the last one.

Eric Bolling: …It feels like what she’s trying to get Trump to do is forfeit one of his buildings in advance of the appeals process just so she can get that, like, she can get that skin, that scalp that she’s looking for.

Christina Bobb:  That’s exactly what she’s trying to do. And that’s exactly why the law allows for the appellate process. And that’s why Judge Engron was overturned earlier in this case when he tried to strip Donald Trump of his business licenses. That was overturned on appeal because they’re saying, hang on, that’s irreversible damage. So allow the judicial process, the justice system, to play out before you inflict an injury that is irreversible. And that’s what. You’re exactly right. What they’re trying to do is inflict injury on Donald Trump that can’t be reversed. They’re cutting off the appellate process and saying, we don’t care what the court of appeals says. We are going to get our pound of flesh from Donald Trump come hell or high water. Whether it’s just or not, they don’t care.

Eric Bolling:  You got in a city in a state where they reduce felonies to misdemeanors like water, and they’re trying to stick Trump of the 350 with. By the way, folks, I said 450 because with interest and extra fees, they’ve got this thing, this bond that he has to post, up to $450,000,000, not 10% of it. The half a billion dollars. Are they insane?

Christina Bobb:  Yes, they absolutely are. It’s a massive case of Trump derangement syndrome. There’s no semblance of justice here. I believe that this statute has been used about 150 times before in New York history, and this is the only case where there is no victim, there are no real damages. And I’d be willing to bet that this is one of the most outrageous penalties, despite the fact that nobody was hurt. So, yes, they’re quite literally insane.

Eric Bolling:  Christina, say it again. Say it every single night here on this show. $450,000,000. It’s going to go to New York state. What are they going to do with that? There’s no victims. You know what they’re going to do? They’re going to use it for their love affair with the illegals, migrants that are coming into the city. Christina, I got to go. Appreciate your time. Christina. Bob, thank you so much.



They are changing America and New York state forever.

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