A New York elementary school is handing out Black Lives Matter coloring books promoting transgender “affirmation” to children in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Students at Brooklyn’s PS 321 William Penn were given the coloring book “What We Believe: A Black Lives Matter Principles Activity Book” to celebrate Black History Month.

The principles in the book are described as “empathy, loving engagement, and just action among its participants; affirm the importance of Black women, families, elders, and LGBTQ folk; and celebrate the strength and diversity of Black people in their communities and around the globe.”

“The book uses drawings and worksheets to promote the 13 tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement, under titles like ‘Queer Affirming,’ ‘Transgender Affirming,’ and ‘Restorative Justice,’” The Free Press reports.

The book also lists demands from BLM, which include “mandate black history & ethnic studies,” “hire more black teachers,” and “fund counselors not cops,” according to the Free Press report.

The report explains that the portion of the book entitled “Transgender Affirming,” tells students to read the book When Aidan Became a Brother which is “about a girl who transitions to a boy, and then answer questions on a worksheet like, ‘How do you feel when someone tells you what you can or can’t do based on your gender?’”

Another page states, “We make space for transgender people to participate and lead. We know that cisgender (not trans) people in our society have privilege, and we want to uplift trans people, especially black trans women who often experience violence.”

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