In 2021, TGP asked how come Trump supporters were searched and detained on Jan 6 because of the so-called pipe bomber, but the members of Antifa who were at the Capitol with guns were allowed to leave town.

JAN 6 REMEMBERED: The Jan. 6 Mystery Pipe Bombs: Why Were Trump Supporters’ Vehicles Searched and Occupants Arrested and Detained but Antifa Operatives with Guns Allowed to Leave Town?

In August of this year, Revolver released information on the mysterious pip bomber.  It was uncovered that the FBI had video of the bomber planting the bomb at the DC headquarters that was not being released.

Revolver News Report: FBI Is Hiding Security Camera Video of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomber Planting Bomb at DNC Headquarters

Today, Darren Beattie, from  Revolver released more information on the mysterious pipe bomber from Jan 6.  Apparently, the FBI has footage of the bomber hiding the bomb but the Democrats are not interestedA bomb was supposedly placed at the Democrat headquarters in DC and the Dems don’t care about it.  

When Revolver did a Google walkthrough of the story behind the pipebomb, Revolver noticed that the bomb was planted feet away from where the security guard was located.  Yet, the security guard and the Secret Service didn’t see a thing?

Below is Beattie’s interview.

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