Liz Harrington spoke to President Trump today and she said he was not scared because he’s done nothing wrong.  

Liz Harrington, President Trump’s spokesperson, was on Newsmax earlier today to discuss the Democrats’ latest criminal action against President Trump.  The entire country is livid with the communist tactics taken on by the Democrats in their actions to get Trump and allow the Bidens to commit treason with China, Russia and other countries.

Harrington shared:

You’ve seen it, the justice system organized against ordinary Americans who happened to show up to hear the President speak on January 6.  I mean we’ve seen due process totally denied.  And they’re trying to do the same thing to President Trump…

The FBI has had the Hunter laptop for years but they ignore the crimes of extortion and bribery on it.  They accuse President Trump of the crimes the Bidens have committed

…they are all part of the same sick group of people who are running our country into the ground.

America is being run by a sick group of people that protects itself and weaponizes and perverts justice against anyone who stands in their way.

We must utilize our God-given constitutional rights now. Speak up and stand up or we will lose our country!

Harrington also notes that we are now living in a third-world country thanks to Biden.

We are now living in a third-world country.

They are coming after President Trump because they have no choice — they can’t beat him, and he is the only one who can stop them. And he will!



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