Instacart driver “Tara” reportedly ran over an elderly couple’s groceries after she spotted a pro-police sign in their yard.

Tara also left the couple a nasty note on their receipt.
How dare they support law enforcement in their community!

Law Enforcement Today reported:

Police are investigating an Instacart shopper who allegedly ran over an elderly couple’s groceries after supposedly leaving a crude, anti-police note on the wreath hanging on their door.

KSTP reported on Dec. 13 that the Blaine Police Department said it had identified the shopper and that charges are “likely in the near future.”

In a press release, the Blaine Police Department confirmed the couple received a full refund from Instacart and further noted:

“The delivery driver has been identified and the investigation continues with charges likely in the near future.

“Please note that while it is wonderful to see the community support for this family, we cannot accept donations for them at the police department.

“Thank you once again to our wonderful Blaine community for the support that you have shown to this family.”

A purple-haired Instacart driver destroyed an elderly couple’s “carefully budgeted” $50 of groceries because they have a yard sign that reads “thank you Blaine P.D.”

— Alpha News (@AlphaNewsMN) December 11, 2021

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